The first part of my life was spent in England, London, and I have been living in Denmark, Copenhagen, since 1974. Throughout my career I have worked with the technology to capture, record, edit and reproduce still or motion pictures and audio. Based on my experiences and backgound in radio, film, TV, journalism and photography, I have worked as a video editor since 1984 and am presently employed at a Danish national TV station in the news and current affairs department. Even though I was born into an analog world of film, photo chemicals, mono tape recorders, valve radios, black and white television, and am now working in the digital world of computers and internet, many of the fundamental principles have not changed.

I grew up in Notting Hill Gate, Portobello Road. My schooldays were spent at Fox Primary School (1959 - 65) and Westminster City School (1965 - 72). While at WCS I participated in exchange visits with the Danish school, Rysensteen Gymnasium. I attended the K.I.S.S. Danish Language School in Copenhagen during the summer of 1974. I can't remember all the names and I wonder what you are all up to now! A few school photos from Fox School and WCS. After leaving WCS, I worked at the BBC for a couple of years before moving to Copenhagen. During my last years at school and while at the BBC, I also worked at the Electric Cinema Club.

In Denmark, I trained as a film technician and when Danish independent and commercial television started in 1984, I returned to the world of TV. I have worked on productions of various types, size, subject and in different functions through out the world.


My stay at BBC radio, including a short period at the sound effects department, gave me an introduction to some basic audio techniques and theories. I worked at a local radio station in Copenhagen, K√łbenhavnerkanalen, as a technician/producer and have also edited audio documentaries which have been broadcasted on the national Danish Radio.

When video editing turned digital, post production audio editing became a more important part of my work. On larger editing projects, I'm able to spend more time working on the soundtrack which can involve field recording, sound design, composing and producing music. Working with audio has made me very aware of our sonic environment. Acoustic Ecology is the study of the relationship between living organisms and their sonic environment (or soundscape).

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I don't come from a musical background, but received basic music tuition at school and played flute in the symphony orchestra. After learning to play various other instruments, together with friends, I began performing folk music in England and continued for a while in Copenhagen. Then after playing guitar in a minor Danish rock band for a couple of years my musical activities, like my photography, faded into the background as video editing occupied most of my time. Yet again, digital technology rekindled on old interest and I started programmimg music in computer sequencers along with a collection of hardware synthesiers. All the hardware is gone, except for a few effects units and stomp boxes, and I now work with software instruments, keyboard controller and guitars.Due to my past interest in synthesizers, I have written articles for the Danish music magazine SoundCheck.

Motion Pictures

My introduction to the world of motion and still pictures began while working at the Electric Cinema during my last years at school and while employed at the BBC. Due to the film programming by Peter Howden, connections with independent film distributours and activities within the contemporary film movement, the Electric Cinema Club quickly became a haven for film enthusiasts and alternative film makers in the early 1970's. It was also an exciting forum to learn about the elements, theories and principles of film. The Electric CInema itself has a long history. It opened as a small 600 seat cinema on 24th February 1910 and was one of the first buildings in the country to be built and designed specifically for motion picture exhibition.

In Denmark I trained as a film technician specialising in rostrum photography, optical effects and colour grading at the major film laboratories. I have also been involved in various film productions both behind and in front of the camera. My biggest claim to fame as a film actor is a small role, with a few lines, in "The Girl in a Swing" (1989) - a film directed by Gordon Hessler, based on a novel by Richard Adams.

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When video rapidly started replacing film and Danish independent/commercial television started in 1984, my interests also moved in that direction and I started as a video editor at Kanal 2. Since then I have worked for various production companies and TV stations, both national and international, on productions of various types, size, subject and in different functions through out the world.

Over the years I have edited a multitude of productions, both large and small, covering a wide spectrum of themes and subjects on analog and digitai (Avid and Final Cut) equipment. I was employed at a Danish national TV station, TV 2, for 21 years in the news and current affairs department, where audio editng wasalso an important part of my work. I have also worked for: Kanal 2, Danmarks Radio TV, Nordisk FIm Broadcast, Eurosport, ITN, ZDF, JJ Film, BBC, TV2 Danmark and a variety of other clients.

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Still Pictures

Although my major career has been within the world of motion pictures, film and television, I have always had an interest and passion for photography. My photography today is purely for personal pleasure and a selection of my photographs can be found at: www.mase.dk